Who We Are

The Vouz was created with unwavering values at heart. Our footwear journey begins in Elche, Spain, just steps away from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. High-quality Spanish leathers are meticulously handcrafted together to deliver authentic Spanish craftsmanship with every pair we make. Values such as eco-friendliness, sustainability, and social responsibility lie at the core of our brand's ethos.

As a family-owned business, our brand pursues social impact with every purchase you make. At the heart of our brand's ethos is the concept of giving back to causes that demand humanity's attention. Six percent of every sale goes to our network of non-governmental organizations and is distributed accordingly to support causes that prioritize children, women, and the environment. Stay tuned to our social media pages to learn about the specific cause we are currently supporting. We invite you to join hands with us and share in our social and environmental achievements.

We conscientiously acquire our materials through ethical and sustainable means, collaborating exclusively with esteemed partners who advocate for equitable compensation, benevolent employee welfare, and the proper management and recycling of waste and water resources.

These values are future fashion, and we couple them with industry-leading European fabrics and craftsmanship handcrafted in one of Europe's top manufacturing centers. The cost per unit is on par with that of the world's leading footwear designers. However, the price you pay for our products stands out uniquely.

The final product is engineered to make you feel comfortable—multifariously and effortlessly.